ACP is a global investment advisory firm founded by experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned investors. As an alternative asset management company, we are trusted partners of some of the most respected family, corporate and institutional investors in the world.

We take a generational view to our business and consistently back high quality entrepreneurs and teams through multiple businesses.

Our companies reflect our firm’s values of mutual respect, long-term partnership, uncompromising integrity and commitment to exceptional performance.

Our Focus

ACPs investment thesis derives from a worldview that massive innovations in technology, demographic shifts and closer integration of global economies are fundamentally transforming the way we live, work and play.

Being based in Singapore, at the confluence of Western, Chinese and Indian economic circles, gives us a unique advantage in identifying and investing in technology driven companies that have the potential to transform important markets.

In general, we invest in companies that address a need rather than a want. Our businesses have strong technology moats around them and often have significant product, customer or revenue traction when they engage with us. Most of our companies are lead by experienced founders who often have years if not decades of prior experience.

ACP typically invests in the early growth, or pre-A round and supports companies through multiple follow-on rounds. Our typical investment range is between $200K and $4m and we generally prefer to lead the round. We often invest along side strategically valuable investors and take board seats where helpful to the company

While we opportunistically look at companies around the world, our current fund is focused on Singapore based companies with large global addressable markets.

Our Companies

We are proud to be partnered with some exceptional companies around the world.


While we are all technologists and have built multiple businesses around the world, we know that each company and management team is unique. We take a supportive approach to helping our founders achieve the true potential of their business.

Sameer Narula

Managing Partner

Brett Lider

Venture Partner

Andreas Von Maltzahn


Michael Blakey


Alex Kumar


Vik Pavate

Venture Partner

Steven Hussey


Andrei Rotaru


Dinesh Shenoy

Venture Partner

Mukund Ventakesh


Jeffry Nah



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